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    Our database of catalytic converters for cars and trucks allows us to provide the best prices. Catalytic converter buyer Vermont.

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    We help the environment with catalytic converter recycling. We do catalytic converter recycling at the best prices giving you a great deal.

  • Catalytic Converter Recycling

    On average Scrap Catalytic Converters are sold & resold at least 5 Times before they turns back into pure Platinum, Palladium & Rhodium? Selling direct to us you eliminate that process.

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    We’re always looking for consistent suppliers of scrap catalytic converters. If generate one or thousands weekly, monthly or yearly we can help you.

Welcome to Converter Guys!

Catalytic Converter Recycling.

Did you know that old automotive catalytic converters contain platinum and other platinum-group metals that can be recycled? Catalytic converter recycling can bring you cash. The outlook for catalytic converter recycling is excellent.

Here not only do we help you get rid of your scrap catalytic converters, but we also educate you to keep your cars’ air flow consistently clean. We target junk yards, repair shops, salvage yards, towing companies and dealerships among others to buy used catalytic converters.

With over 20,000 different types of catalytic converters out there, Converter Guys have the experience to make the best selection and even help you understand the types of your converters and their grades. We offer the best prices and pay via checks or wire transfers to guarantee a secure transaction. So go ahead and check your car’s airflow and if you detect a glowing red hot color on your converter, you should make immediate plans to replace it and sell us the scrap. To get a good deal with Converter Guys, make sure you cut your converter close enough to the front and back to assist us in easy recycling of the metals. Also make sure you do not tamper with the insides of the converter by cutting it open. Send us your used catalytic converters today and get the best prices and free advice on the types of converters equipped in your cars.

Once you have successfully cut the converters off, you can take pictures and send us on our contact form and expect the best prices for a piece of your vehicle which you would have imagined to be worthless or just; scrap. Keep your vehicle’s air flow clean and flowing; come to Converter Guys for the best converter recycling services!

Do you have Large quantities? We’ll assist you on how to ship them using national Shipping and Trucking companies. Call: (802) 376-4581 for pickup or delivery arrangements.

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