10 reasons to sell your catalytic converter

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  1. You don’t need it anymore and it will just sit around your garage.
  2. You can make money selling it to us and we will quote you the highest prices.
  3. Safer to have Converter Guys reclaim the materials.
  4. You are helping the environment.
  5. Improve your gas mileage by removing the bad one and installing a new one.
  6. You can ship your converter anywhere in the United States to Converter Guys.
  7. Converter Guys has friendly customer service and makes the process easy.
  8. It frees up your time to do the things you love.
  9. You can make more money by having us do it than you trying to do it yourself.
  10. Even if you were able to melt down and get the metals you would still need to find someone to buy them in raw form. In most recyclers require large amounts of metals before they pay out. This is the job Converter Guys do for you. Since we buy and process large amount of catalytic converters we remove that step and you get the highest price without going through the entire process. Thus you can just sell us one catalytic converter or many.

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