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When does my converter need to be recycled ?

  • Cars need clean air flow. The muffler side pressure of the converter should allow a good air flow. If the pressure is low or zero when the car is running, then the catalytic converter could be clogged with engine pressure. This is dangerous as it causes growing and backing pressure up towards the motor.
  • Start the motor, check to see if there is good air flow coming out of the exhaust pipe.
  • Test the air pressure in the front and in the back of the catalytic converter. You can view this video to see how to test pressure : Watch Video
  • A glowing red hot catalytic converter, is in a very dangerous state. Read this on Fire hazards of a CAT

How do I remove my Catalytic Converter ?

  • To unbolt your converter : Watch this Video
  • When cutting a converter, cut as close to the front and back of the converter as possible. This helps with recycling a converter. See these ‘how to’ articles and videos : Articles and Videos
  • You can use a hacksaw or and electric saw to cut the ‘Pipe’ in front and in back of the converter casing. DO NOT cut into the converter itself or you ruin the value you get paid.
  • You can also cut the pipe with strong hydraulic or electric metal cutters.
  • Once the converter is off you can now send it to us for recycling.

Should I cut open my converter and send you the insides ?

No. You could lose the valuable parts that need to be processed when recycling a converter. We require the whole converter to pay you and begin recycling.

What do I do after I cut my converter off ? SELL..FOR CATALYTIC CONVERTER RECYCLING.

  • CONTACT: Converter Guys Core Buyers by email or calling-texting: (802) 376-4581 You need to send us a photograph of the scrap catalytic converter by texting email or postal so Converter Guys can give you the best current market price for your converter. Once the price is given, you must mail the converter to Converter Guys within the next seven (7) days.
  • Next you will need to send a copy of your photo identification with the used catalytic converter to Converter You can use UPS , FedEx or Postal .
  • Use this shipping address :
    2037 West Hill Rd.
    Townshend, VT 05353


Many of our core buyers are independent catalytic converter sellers. You may also mail us your single used converter for top current market prices. Good deals make good customers. ConverterGuys watch the markets hourly to offer you the best prices found nationwide. We give top dollar for you as it is a win/win for both ConverterGuys and you. Because we deal in such a high volume, we can offer the best price for your used catalytic converter.